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Hello. [05 Sep 2007|11:00am]
[ mood | curious ]

Hello, my name is Chad. I am a christian, love Jesus with all my heart. I am very interested to know your thoughts on purity, because I am trying to live more purely for God every day.
You can share your thoughts or heck, just comment and say high or something. Much love and God bless!

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necklaces [01 Sep 2007|01:12pm]

Click here for the Rockethical Etsy Shop > Necklaces
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rings [31 Aug 2007|09:42pm]

Click here for Rockethical Etsy Shop > Rings
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bracelets [31 Aug 2007|08:23pm]

Click here for the Rockethical Etsy shop > Bracelets
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Bags [27 Apr 2007|11:05am]

BAGSCollapse )
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Earrings [26 Apr 2007|09:27pm]

EARRINGS!!Collapse )
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Bracelets [26 Apr 2007|08:58pm]

BRACELETS! Do I even need to say they're image heavy? No.Collapse )
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Necklaces [26 Apr 2007|08:06pm]

NECKLACES!! picture-heavyCollapse )
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[13 Apr 2006|09:13pm]

Lynsie and I have been working our cute little bunny tails off trying to open this site before Easter. Right now it's small and ALL WE NEED IS YOU. That's not true, we WANT you - but we need your prayers. We need God most of all to bless this mini-ministry and allow us to reach out to the women and girls around us!

Link us with that banner on your journal with this code!:
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[30 Mar 2006|09:17am]


This necklace is WAY too gorgeous to be sitting in a box waiting to be shipped. How could you let it feel so rejected!?

If you're thinking you have nothing to match this necklace you're WRONG. FIRST of all, if you've got blue eyes you will always match it no matter what you wear. And if you don't have blue eyes - you have matching clothes anyway! Light blue, brown, white, gray, black, green, yellow, pink.. So that isn't an excuse. When you have something this gorgeous you'll find something to go with it. If I wore that thing, I'd not want to ever take it off lol. I'd go clubbing in that.. and the old ladies at church will swoon. It's just such a classic, eyecatching peice. Your grandkids will love it! You could either get this one, or.. you could buy one directly from Swarovski crystal for over 90 dollars here


PSST it has a matching bracelet!
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[16 Mar 2006|12:10pm]

I'm going to be showcasing some things on Rockethical that with a quick skim you might miss:

This is the most stunning bracelet in person. The gems just glisten and shine and it's definitely an eye catcher. It has a matching necklace too.

This bracelet is just absolutely beautiful. When I made it I wanted to kiss it. The pictures we take just do NOT do our stuff justice. This thing shines like the top of the Chrystler building. It has matching dangley earrings.

These things are lovely because of their simplicity. No, this is not a black and white image. Take a good look at the bottom of these earrings!

This bag is just beautiful! Aw, look at that green grass... I miss green grass.
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[16 Mar 2006|12:03pm]

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[24 Feb 2006|12:02pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I was just taking a look at Rockethical's Site Meter results and wanted to share with everybody my findings. The following is a map of the world, and the dots indicate the places from which people have visited http://www.rockethical.com/blastoff:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Look at that!!! All over the country, and even in other parts of the world!!
Looking at a list of the different places, I saw countries like Shanghai, Tawaiin, the Netherlands, and the UK!!

And Samantha and I want to thank everybody that has helped Rockethical in any way. Anytime you wear a piece of our jewelry in public, you're advertising for us, and that really helps us out. Anytime you put a link in your website, that REALLY helps us out.

Here are some of the referral sites I saw:
http://www.joshharris.com/whatsnew/thelinks.htm (there are a TON of these, THANK YOU JOSHUA!!)
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=20957074 (I don't even know who this is!!)
and then of course me and samantha's livejournals/myspaces

Isn't this cool? Thanks so much, girls and guys. We couldn't do this without you.

And for any of you who plan to work with us on modestyisbeauty.com, anytime you're ready to write something up for us is great, we really want to get the ball rolling on that one.

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[07 Feb 2006|11:22am]

So we're still doing the fundraiser for our friend Rebecca (swerve2miss). For those of you who haven't heard or have FORGOTTEN!! We are donating 40% of sales from the merchandise in the "for becca" section, and 10% of sales from all other merchandise to her Leukemia marathon!

So far we've raised a little over $40 (BOOOO!!!) and we're running out of time!! There is still a bracelet in the for becca section, and TONSSSSS of other stuff on the rest of the site. Plus, we're continually adding new stuff so you've really gotta keep an eye out. And buy buy buy!! We at Rockethical really want to help Becca out, and we need your help!

Also, pleeeeeeeease sign up for an account at Rockethical if you haven't already done so. You'll get a shopping cart that remembers who you are and what items you want, and you'll get notifications of sales, new items, and special coupon codes!! Dooo iitttt!!

Time is running out!! Soon we will be sending the leftover "for becca" stuff to her and it will never again be available for purchase on Rockethical!
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[16 Jan 2006|11:24am]

Hello, all you happy Rockethical people!!!

Ok, for those of you who haven't visited the Rockethical site lately, there is definitely some new stuff up, so go check it out!! And right now, the lovely ladies of Rockethical.com are doing a fundraiser for a marathon I'm in, so I figured I'd make a little post to tell you a little more about it.

I'm training to run in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in Nashville on April 29, 2006. I'm doing it to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, who is researching blood cancers, such as leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkin's disease. My father has had myeloma for several years, and currently, there's no cure, so the more awareness and benefit I can bring to the research, the closer we all come to the ultimate finish line--a cure! I'm asking that you all go check out the stuff up on the Rockethical site, and buy something to help contribute money to my cause. Or, if you'd rather just contribute what you can, you can check out my personal training and fundraising site at:

Either way, though, please be praying for me, because committing to run a 13.1 mile race is a big challenge, and I'll need all the prayers I can get!

Thank you for your time. You may now return to your regularly scheduled lives!

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[05 Dec 2005|04:20pm]

_samanthamarie and I just added lots of new stuff to the site!

some samplesCollapse )
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[09 Nov 2005|06:58pm]

The "new" Rockethical site is now: http://www.rockethical.com/blastoff
We don't have all the merchandise up though :( But thank you for your patience as we struggle for time to get everything on there!!

Oh and uhh... you'll have to register at the site again. Sorry guys, stuff keeps getting deleted which is just as annoying for us as it is for you.
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[03 Nov 2005|12:29pm]

Starting from this day forward, if you place an order at Rockethical.com and we do not receive your payment within one month, the order will be canceled unless otherwise notified. This begins today and does not count the two people we are awaiting payment. Unless otherwise notified. :)
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[29 Oct 2005|04:36pm]

The site will be down for a few.
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[14 Sep 2005|09:18am]

Some of you might have noticed that the Rockethical site isn't currently working. Turns out, while we remembered to renew the domain, we never renewed our hosting in time. But have no fear! Last nite we purchased new hosting and the site should be back up in no time!

UPDATE: Rockethical.com has returned!!!
UPDATE 2: It's DOWN again!
UPDATE 3: Alright, its back up again, and this time I think for good.
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